Digital Illustration

A portfolio designed as a proposal for a more in depth focus on the children nutritional needs in schools. Some designs were made to also drive income and donations in support of the children "have a Hunch School Lunch".

This is considerd a portfolio ready piece connect and collaboration with my school the art institute of pittsburgh and my son's school. Success Aademy charter school Bronx 2 site, addresing the school lunch issue on nutrition. An assignment for my class as well a resource and suggestion for my sons school I got an A for the class as well as this assignment, thank you.
I invovolved my son by asking him questions about his school lunch, just basic questions. His answers gave my a clear
direction on which images and illustrations to choose. I was also able to use his feed back as support and stand point
for my presentation.
The layout was composed in support of getting parents involved in the childrens school lunch process. Along with taking surveys and making suggestions for improvement of the children nutrition when they are away from home.
Adobe Illustrator was very smoooth in my process no making the design in vector difficult. The smooth transfer from Illustrator to inesign was flawless, worked like magic it was my first time crossing documents from platform to platform seamlessly.
A poem was written by the children in support and a cry out for help in the lack of nutritional support from the board of education.
In order for the children to have brain power they must be well feed espeacially during school hours.
Tee shirt design was suggested to gather funds in support of the cause, also to serve purpose in the cause to feed the children. All contributions and donations were directed to the cihldren nutritional needs. The were designed on Adobe illustrator very simple and smooth process I hope you have enjoyed thank you and stay blessed.
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